Greetings North Carolina Educators!

The #GoOpenNC Team is excited to welcome you to our Open Educational Resources platform. We invite you to join our community of practice! #GoOpenNC will continue to transform as our users (that’s YOU) commit to sharing high quality, standards aligned resources and contribute to the site in any of the following ways:

  • Ratecomment, and evaluate resources on the site. Leaving feedback is critical to the iterative improvement cycle we hope to foster on #GoOpenNC.

  • Join a Group or Hub to collaborate with other educators with similar interests. We have groups for most subject areas/grade levels and some public school units have created groups for their educators. If you don’t see a group that you are interested in, you can create one!

  • If you see a resource that has broken/missing links, inaccurate alignment, and/or potential copyright infringement concerns, please use the flag resource feature to let our team know to review it. As the GoOpenNC community, we all contribute to the governance and growth of the platform, and your engagement will make #GoOpenNC better for all NC educators and students!

  • Use the Add OER button to submit links to other openly licensed resources you would like added to #GoOpenNC, or use the content builder to share and license your own educational resources.

The #GoOpenNC team is working to continuously improve the platform and add additional openly licensed content. As content users, it is important that we understand intellectual property rights, copyright law, and open-licensing guidelines. Users have the responsibility to review and abide by the terms of use for instructional resources. Visit the GoOpenNC Google site and the OER Professional Learning Hub for information and resources related to intellectual property. 

For additional information about the GoOpenNC initiative and platform, including FAQs, professional learning resources, and more, visit the GoOpenNC Google site.

We welcome your feedback. Please reach out to us at

-The #GoOpenNC Team

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