The Quality Review Checklist and Rubric is based on a review of existing literature and feedback and support from district leaders across the state. The checklist and rubric identify four domains and twelve key indicators for assessing the quality of digital learning resources. The following questions summarize the criteria for high-quality local, state, and global resources and should be carefully considered before approving their use in the classroom:

• Is the instruction focused, engaging, and informative?

• Is the content presented accurate, adequate, and appropriate?

• Are technology features purposeful, reliable, and accessible?

• Is the design of the resource motivating, clear, and user-friendly?

Use the evaluate tool review a resource against the NC Quality Review Rubric. This evaluation helps to gauge various aspects of quality, allowing an additional filter for sorting and another way to discover OER. 

Select a resource and open the evaluation tool

  1. Login to #GoOpenNC.
  2. Select the resource you would like to evaluate.
  3. Click the Evaluate button.
  4. Read the text provided by #GoOpenNC on Guidelines and Reminders.
  5. Click the Start Evaluating button.

Evaluate each section using the Rubrics

You should apply the rubric independently to the smallest meaningful unit of a resource or to each OER object as it appears in #GoOpenNC. The rubrics’ common scoring scale describes the predicted level of quality based on a five-point scoring system:

  • Object is exemplary - 3
  • Object is strong - 2
  • Object is weak - 1
  • Object is absent/unusable - 0
  • When a particular rubric does not apply to the object being rated - N/A

Note: Each section of the resource must be completed for the whole score to be calculated. If a particular rubric does note apply, select N/A then Save & Go to the next Rubric. 

  1. A checkmark indicates that you have evaluated that rubric. 
  2. Hover over a number to see more information for that rating. 
  3. Add a comment to your rating. 
  4. Save and Go to Next Rubric when you are finished with each rubric.  

Finalize your Evaluation

  1. Click the Save and View Results button once you have completed rating the resource.
  2. Review the results you have inputted. You may choose to:
  3. Revise your score by clicking the Go Back and Change Your Scores button. or:
  4. Click the Finalize OER Review button once you have satisfied with your ratings.

The average score of everyone who has evaluated the resource appears on the snapshot view page.